You can play a game with any number of cards; 10, 50 or up to 155 cards, as long as you all have the same amount. With only one of each card allowed in your deck.

Each animal has four categories: Weight, Speed, Lifespan and Population. And it's a simple game of best stat wins!

You decide who goes first, we like rock paper scissors, alternatively, the youngest player starts. Each player must shuffle their deck. If you don't trust your opposition you can kindly ask to shuffle it for them.

With your deck in-hand, face side up, the player that starts announces their animal, picks a stat and places it on the table.

If your animal has the best stat you keep your card and it goes to the back of your deck. The loser/losers have to put their card on the table, to the side or face side down.

The player to your left then chooses their best stat from the next card and the game continues.

So, heaviest, quickest, longest living, and rarest being the goal.

The winner being the only player with cards left in their hand.


In this version of the game you can either shuffle your deck or choose the order, as long as all players are in agreement.

If your stat wins you go again until beaten. However, if you win you cannot use the same category twice in a row. 

A new winner picks their best stat and the game continues.

Additionally, the winner gets one of the loser's cards from their deck.

The card can be agreed on before the game. If an agreement cannot be made then you chose the card of the least rarity that you don't already have in your collection.


In this version of the game, all competition rules apply, however, only 1st Edition holographic cards are allowed in your deck.

1. The Earth card can only be used once in the game as it is an automatic win, once used it must be placed on the table. Therefore it is only truly powerful in a competitive game.

2. When you are down to your last 3 cards, you can’t keep using the animals best stat, you have to choose a different one the next time around.

3. If multiple players have the exact same stat then these cards are put to the back of their respective decks and the next card is used by the player who did not pick the stat.

4. If multiple players have the same animal, the individual with a Holographic 1st Edition version wins. 

5. If multiple players are left with the same final card, the game is a draw.

6. If you are playing with family or friends who do not have their own personal collection then we suggest compiling all of your non-holos, shuffling them, and dealing an equal amount out to each player. In this case duplicates are allowed in a deck.